The thesis is the key, important and basic tool to express the subject’s points of view and obtain relevant knowledge. Whether in the field of literature or other fields. An essay is an article on a specific topic and has become an effective tool for presenting the results or conclusions of the individual’s research. Also, by preparing and reading a good article, you can understand and learn. Therefore, it is said that prose “… is a prose exposition, intended to express personal points of view”, considered from different angles without the need for exhaustive themes.

Remember, this document is informal in nature because it encourages the creative freedom of the author. The thesis is written freely and is subject to the subjective self-control of the author. Therefore, in an article, the author can allow himself to deviate from his own point of view. From this perspective, this article is informal and can be used to show various ways of interpreting text.
This article is considered an award for hard working students as they have to read the literary work many times before writing this article, and then have to carefully analyze it because only in this way can they write an article based on creativity.

Important detail
Another important detail to keep in mind when writing a thesis is that, in terms of language, it should be considered as a contrast between language and the symbolic meaning of the expression. In each article, you must be open to exposing and must maintain this objection. These expressions must be direct, and the symbolic language of poetry must be abandoned. Furthermore, in all documents, attention must be paid to how to prepare everything expressed from the beginning. The method and logic to solve the problem should be described little by little.

The purpose of this article is:

A-Reflect on the specific text, theme or content.

B-To illustrate knowledge, for this purpose, the essayist must support it with quoted text or examples extracted from the research text; therefore, each essayist supports his point of view.

C- Provide objective analysis methods.

D- To maintain the interest of the reader, use a simple and clear style.

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Comoros Independent Front of Mexico, Comoros Independent Front of Mexico, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Science Fiction and Science Fiction at Putin University

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